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Oh Look, An Update!

Dear friends,

I hope I still have people in my f-list recognizing who I am considering it's been so long since the last time I updated my journal. Anyway, so... to sum it up, lately I have:

  • Completed three of my projects. They went live, darling~ and now we only have to watch for post production glitches. Damn, it felt good watching my little babies went to production stage.
  • Been assigned to three new projects--parallel projects--which is stupendously stupid, since if you want three projects commencing at the same time, you'll need at least three analysts working on them. But we--these lowly grunts on the food chain--have come to accept that the higher you are in the command and management chain, the worse your logic and rational mind would be. So, yeah, we make do, with lots of cursing and snapping and everything. But we make do.
  • Had the upper management deprive me of my TL. See the previous point in reference to my feeling toward the actions of my upper management. We're doing three parallel projects and they decided to reassign my TL without giving us any replacement. What the everlasting fuck?
  • Repeated to myself endlessly: I can make do.
  • Landed myself on an interview for a pretty shiny job but it's been two weeks and I haven't heard anything from them so I guess it's time to accept the truth and move on. But I really want that job...*sniffles*
  • Not written any fic.
  • Been writing cheesy Hallmark cards wannabe and in serious thought of posting them.

Aside from that, life goes on.

...why does my life seem to be so uninteresting as in when I want to write about something interesting that happened to me my mind draws blank? Ah well.

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So Dad is getting better now. He's been released from the hospital, though he still needs to do the follow up treatment. Thanks for the support :D

...but now I feel so very tired >___> duh!

It's Christmas... Yesterday

Dear All,

Merry Christmas, all! Or, happy completely non-denominational holiday! Wish you have a wonderful time (like me) and here's hoping for peace on earth and everything that's good.

I don't know if I should blame my incoherency to the food or the drink or the lights... the lights are shiny~

Target... target...

So my pinch hit assignment for USUK Secret Santa has arrived. Considering that the deadline is December 24th, which means I only have four days to work on it, long fics are seriously out of the question. Therefore I planned for a mere 1.5k - 2k.

...if this turns out to be longer than 5k, I will mentally kick myself.

That thing aside, soon it'll be Christmas :D I get really hyped up during Christmas season~

December is Here~

So what's new in my life?

- I finished decorating my Christmas tree. What do you mean it's too early? There's no such thing like 'too early' for Christmas tree. It's beautiful~
- I also finished my usxuk Secret Santa fic, my planned-to-be-5k-but-ended-up-with-15k-words fic. I just hope my recipient won't get bored reading it in the middle of the story.
- This is my last week working off home office. Next Monday I'll be back to the headquarters office. I can't imagine myself saying this but I kinda miss my office. Heuh.
- Christmas shopping has started~
- I'm planning for some end-of-year-vacation. Hem...
- Life is beautiful (kinda)
cursed thesis

I Spent My weekend with My Highlighters (And I Loved It)

I have a kind of love-hate relationship with proofing documents. Sometimes I can get so much fun proofing documents, armed with three different colors of highlighters and multicolored post-its, reading my way though those many pages, trying to find any discrepancy or loopholes or things-that-are-not-supposed-to-be...

But at times, I hate it so much.

Take last weekend for example. I spent my last weekend proofing these documents. I had to work my way though 261 pages of analysis and design specification document, 91 pages of business specification document plus 26 pages of addendum, 20 pages of technical document, and several side documents like minutes of meetings and such. It was taxing work, it was tiring, and I hated it because it took so much of my time. But at the same time I also loved it. It's kinda fun trying to find the loopholes or discrepancies or anomalies or... well, things like that... like a treasure hunt in a sense. And when I'm finished, it gave a satisfying feeling to see those documents colored with multiple highlights, with notes scribbled in the margins, and post-its peeking through the pages.

It's a bit sad that I find enjoyment in things like this...

Oh Wow What A Week

Okay, so, this week has been pretty interesting so far for me. Seriously. I've got job interview which made me feel like I've stepped into Twilight Zone and my office building caught fire and my assignment for usxuk's Secret Santa arrived--which made me all 'ohmigodseriouslywhy?!'...

Pretty interesting, right?

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Anyway, so, that's all from me. Time to end this huge chunk of text. To sum it up, I had a pretty interesting week. And how about you, f-list? How about your week? Anything interesting you want to share?
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Dear friends,

So it's been a while. Seriously, the last time I posted in this journal was... on my birthday, which is on July, which means three months ago. I didn't mean to go kapoof like that but the thing is, my office changed its network provider and somehow, I cannot post to lj from my office net anymore. Considering that I spent the majority of my days in front of my PC in that home-sweet-cubicle of mine, it kinda explains the lack of post lately.

...of course, I'm not supposed to use my office net for non-work related things like posting to lj so perhaps this is the Power-That-Be giving me a lesson on proper work behavior.

Anyway, life still goes on for me. I still have that love-hate relationship with my work, but workload has been pretty low lately for me. And I've started writing again. Gosh, it's been so long since the last time I posted fic. Somehow I think that when I post fic no one would still remember me anymore.

Ah well, let's just see, eh? Anything interesting you want to share with me? Any big thing happened while I was away? Any love declaration/death threat/marriage proposal/whatever you want to tell me? Share it :D

Til next time, then.

Happy Birthday To Me!


Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated it by leading a meeting and working overtime. What a way to celebrate your birthday, no? But my friends at work 'surprised' me with this kickass birthday cake with candles and chocolate and all so, really, I don't feel too bad that I have to go home late... they provide wonderful company and, well, office party is fun, moreover when you're the party girl...

I think I'm more annoyed at the principle of the thing. It sounds pathetic, you know, to work overtime on your birthday. But anyway, I'm 25 year old this year. I should feel old but somewhat I also feel like, hey, it's life, let's enjoy it XD;; I've lived for 25 damn good years--of course there are some heartaches or sadness or emo-ness or whatever but overall I enjoy my life. And here's to more fab and glam and wonderful and happy and successful and whatever-good-adjective-you-can-think-of years ahead.

Happy birthday to me :D