February 9th, 2011

blue roses


It's February!!!

...and some of you might ask 'so what?' :D well, nothing, actually. But, guess what? I just got my USxUK 2011 calendar! Well... not really. I already got it this Monday but I haven't made my squee post yet. So...


Just pretend that it's a sparkly and enthusiastic and heartfelt and the most awesome 'squee' ever, okay? These things don't translate well into words. Yes, anyway, the month February has dear blulious's art in the calendar and you know how I adore her art. Which brings us to another topic, namely: postcard. You see, cause dear blulious sent me a cute postcard for last Christmas and I just realized I haven't thanked her, neither have I made proper squee post. So, thank you, blu, and... uh...



Now back to my Sweetheart Week fanfictions. Euh...

And dear coconabanana, please wait patiently, okay. I'll find time to send your calendar. And thank you for buying me one. And... uh, yeah, just please wait patiently >___>