November 8th, 2011

cursed thesis

I Spent My weekend with My Highlighters (And I Loved It)

I have a kind of love-hate relationship with proofing documents. Sometimes I can get so much fun proofing documents, armed with three different colors of highlighters and multicolored post-its, reading my way though those many pages, trying to find any discrepancy or loopholes or things-that-are-not-supposed-to-be...

But at times, I hate it so much.

Take last weekend for example. I spent my last weekend proofing these documents. I had to work my way though 261 pages of analysis and design specification document, 91 pages of business specification document plus 26 pages of addendum, 20 pages of technical document, and several side documents like minutes of meetings and such. It was taxing work, it was tiring, and I hated it because it took so much of my time. But at the same time I also loved it. It's kinda fun trying to find the loopholes or discrepancies or anomalies or... well, things like that... like a treasure hunt in a sense. And when I'm finished, it gave a satisfying feeling to see those documents colored with multiple highlights, with notes scribbled in the margins, and post-its peeking through the pages.

It's a bit sad that I find enjoyment in things like this...