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After four long months, now I can finally say...

coconabanana and I have finally finished our Inception Bigbang Fic!

Till Death Do Us Part

Look at that shiny fan-poster XD four months, more than 60k, three beautiful artworks, 22 tracks fanmix, lots of near neurotic episode... and finally it's finished!

My first collab fic with her. My first bigbang fic. My first Inception fic. And God, I love writing it. Though I also won't deny that it's so relieving to know that it's finished. Now finally I can take a breather.

...or perhaps not considering that usxuk Sweetheart Week is going to start in a few days. Euh. And, of course, there's work. My sudden leave (read: those days I spent being miserable at home) is responsible for this pile of work that I now found waiting to be done. It's more than enough to dampen my mood a bit, moreover if you take into consideration that I'm not 100% well. Yesterday I went out shopping with my sister and, while we're busy looking through some shiny designer bags, told her that I'm a bit tired.

Her face told me the surprise she felt and yep, I then realized, too, that apparently, I wasn't fully recuperated from my illness. If I could say I'm tired after mere three hours of shopping, I must be not well enough. So we cut our shopping trip short and I bought nothing... uh, from the bag department, that is, since I still went home with five pairs of nylon stockings, three books, two bottles of nail polish, a pack of foundation powder, and... other things.

XD shopping with my sister is fun~
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