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Dear friends,

So it's been a while. Seriously, the last time I posted in this journal was... on my birthday, which is on July, which means three months ago. I didn't mean to go kapoof like that but the thing is, my office changed its network provider and somehow, I cannot post to lj from my office net anymore. Considering that I spent the majority of my days in front of my PC in that home-sweet-cubicle of mine, it kinda explains the lack of post lately.

...of course, I'm not supposed to use my office net for non-work related things like posting to lj so perhaps this is the Power-That-Be giving me a lesson on proper work behavior.

Anyway, life still goes on for me. I still have that love-hate relationship with my work, but workload has been pretty low lately for me. And I've started writing again. Gosh, it's been so long since the last time I posted fic. Somehow I think that when I post fic no one would still remember me anymore.

Ah well, let's just see, eh? Anything interesting you want to share with me? Any big thing happened while I was away? Any love declaration/death threat/marriage proposal/whatever you want to tell me? Share it :D

Til next time, then.
Tags: real life

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