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I think there's something wrong with my legs and feet. They keep cramping without any apparent reason whatsoever. It sucks. And today I was painting my toe nails and my feet cramped no less than three times during the act which caused some muttered curses. Cue Mom looking at me and was all 'why do you insist on doing that when your feet keep hurting you and it's not even like people would be able to see your toes when you wear your shoes to work everyday'. But I was all around insistent and, like, 'but I want to keep something sparkly and awesome with me even if people can't see it and it's like wearing nice underwear, you know'.

So I keep painting my nails. My feet were hurting me. I did a marvelous job, oh yeah, no sloppy nail works for me. And now my toe nails are fabulously fierce! Or fiercely fabulous. Whatever. It's deep metallic blue color~ and I'm so happy *is happy* *is also feeling kinda manic*

...I don't even know the point of this post =_____=

Have I told you about that time...

...when I got stuck in the emergency stairs? Because I will tell you now.

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That thing aside, since last Monday I moved to another product division at work. After two years working in Loan Origination System, now I'm working in General Cash Management. So, after dealing with mortgage agreements and credit card requests and things like that, now I'm dealing with RTGS and forex trading and such. This means several days of skimming documents until at least I know what the hell I'm dealing with. Isn't it ironic that I was studying IT in university yet now I have to learn about general banking and finance?

The curse of working in a software company for banking and financial industries... sigh...

This Is How April 1st Went at My Office

So it was April 1st, a perfectly ordinary Friday, and we're all busy pretending to be working while waiting for the time when we can safely walk home without having some pointed glare from our bosses directed at the back of our necks.

Then there came this announcement:
"Attention. Attention please. There has been fire on [censored name] building. All people are to evacuate via the emergency stairs etc etc..."

Our reactions:
All: *blink* "look up from computer screen* *look at each other*
Friend A: I'd say that's not true
Friend B: I'd say it's one of those boring simulation routine
Friend C: I'd say that's their idea of April Fools
Friend A: he doesn't sound panicked *referring to the voice*
Me: his pronunciation was awful
Friend B: I don't see fire
Friend D: I don't want to leave my computer
Friend E: I don't want to walk down the stairs
Me: they didn't add 'this is not some simulation, get the hell out of the building, people' at the end of the sentence
Friend C: oh, yeah, they did say that when there was indeed fire in our building
All: *nod-nod-hem-right-chinstroke*
Friend A: so...
Me: oh, I know. Let's pretend to believe it and get the hell out of here. We can get home early and we could always go 'oh, gee, Sir, sorry, I thought it was real fire so I ran away asap' afterward.

...and that time, we all felt the presence of our bosses' pointed glare from the far side of the room. Cue some chilly-depressing-ahaha-awkward moment then we turned back to our computers and said nothing about getting home early.

Turned out, it was indeed a simulation.

Fanfic: The Ducks of St. James Park


Title: The Ducks of St. James Park
Author: slashy_lady
Rating: PG13
Character(s)/Pairing(s): America and England/AmericaxEngland
Word Count: 2404
Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story do not belong to me, nor do they have any connection to real nation(s). No infringement intended.
Warning: This fic is not beta-ed and done in a rush so if you find any error in it, beg pardon (and notify me?).
Some Kind of Summary: America and England were talking about their 'relationship' while they were feeding the ducks of St. James Park.
Note: Written for usxuk's 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts, Day 6 - Earth, Sky, Sea, and Space


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blue roses


It's February!!!

...and some of you might ask 'so what?' :D well, nothing, actually. But, guess what? I just got my USxUK 2011 calendar! Well... not really. I already got it this Monday but I haven't made my squee post yet. So...


Just pretend that it's a sparkly and enthusiastic and heartfelt and the most awesome 'squee' ever, okay? These things don't translate well into words. Yes, anyway, the month February has dear blulious's art in the calendar and you know how I adore her art. Which brings us to another topic, namely: postcard. You see, cause dear blulious sent me a cute postcard for last Christmas and I just realized I haven't thanked her, neither have I made proper squee post. So, thank you, blu, and... uh...



Now back to my Sweetheart Week fanfictions. Euh...

And dear coconabanana, please wait patiently, okay. I'll find time to send your calendar. And thank you for buying me one. And... uh, yeah, just please wait patiently >___>

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This is a rant-y post which can also act as a mean to beg sympathy... somehow.

Guess what have I done during the last two days? Staying at home, having high fever, vomiting, being sick in general with some side dish called 'work that keeps piling up'. My life is just so lively...

...and now I start pitying myself. Just great, self.

But at least I'm back to work again today. Heuh...
beautiful sin

Here's SL Offering Her Birthday Gift...

It was my dearest blulious's birthday a couple of days (read: nearly a week) ago and she asked for a drabble of England and America escaping into a hedge maze for "private" time for her gift. Since I can deny her none, I wrote her this fic for her (very belated) birthday gift. I hope she--and anyone reading--can enjoy this drabble (which turned out to be a fic of more than a thousand words).


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...she did say that it doesn't have to be R18 so I cut it there. Ahaha :D and can I please use 'I wrote this at work' card to justify the errors in this fic? No? Peh... =_____=;;

And, dear blu, if you're not satisfied, you could always... uh, ask for another...

Don't We All Love Meme...


Since everyone in my f-list (read: two of them--let this be the proof that SL loves hyperbole) do this meme and I think it's kinda fun and a somewhat clever way to greet my new friends (read: SL is too lazy for proper ~Welcome~ post)...


There :D spam me with your questions.

I'm Dreaming of A Wet Christmas~

I have for myself a very wet Christmas this year. It happened like this: two days ago, there was a heavy rainstorm pouring down and somehow, part of my roof (only some tiny bit, thankfully) got blown up by the wind. So I could see a patch of blue dark gray sky form the second floor of my house. And considering it was raining hard... well, there we have 'A Wet Christmas' indeed :D;;

And now it's the last day of this year and I'm stuck working in office. So after a wet Christmas, I guess I'll have some bleak New Year's Eve to follow. Hem...

Strangely, I don't feel that bad XDDDD something seems wrong with me...