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A Proud Member of DnKS

8 July 1986
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I spend most of my time dealing with computers AND try so hard not to turn into a computer geek... it seems I'm failing. Sigh...

I just recently graduated from university, taking computer science as my major. At the moment I'm working as a system analyst in an IT Company specializing in making software and applications for banking industry. It's a fun job, really, since I can write fanfictions while writing my program at the same time. Multi threading is really the joy of WOmankind.

I love reading and I too love writing. My reading material ranged from classic Victorian poems and poetry to yaoi manga. Mostly I write fanfictions though I often found myself composing sonnets or short stories.

My pride is my greatest sin and I'm proud in admitting that. Recent test showed that I had great tendency to be histrionic (upon knowing that I pressed a palm against my chest and screamed 'c'est impossible!'). I love to know new people. I'm sometimes manipulative and persistent but I cherish those I love. Upon being asked about my life, I would always answer that it's great. I love my life and I love myself and praise be to God whose love to me is so great that I now can love those around me.

I am thankful because you are willing to spend a bit of your time to know me by reading this. In return I too would be delighted to know you. Will you take this hand of friendship I am now offering you?